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The Must-Sees of Rapa Nui

In a place full of culture, like Easter Island, deciding which attractions to visit can be a real challenge. So, which panoramas are not to be missed when you visit the island? In today’s blog, we reveal which places to visit in order to make your stay among the Rapa Nui a once in a lifetime adventure that you’ll never forget.



Traveling to Easter Island means flying 3,700 kilometers away from Chile’s mainland, which is why few people are able to make the visit to the Rapa Nui community more than once. It’s a journey that, for many, requires a great deal of planning. Between natural attractions and panoramas designed to connect with the Polynesian culture, it’s difficult to prioritize.

So, what are the must-sees of Easter Island and the not-so-typical panoramas that are truly worth the effort? Here, with a little help from our partner, Mahinatur, we share our recommendations.


The classics

If you travel to Rapa Nui, you mustn’t miss the main attractions. Without a doubt, the moai are the main attraction. Grand structures, made from volcanic rock, the moai are the culture’s most typical icons, and can be seen dotted around the different areas of the island. Make sure you also visit the ceremonial village, called Orongo, and the volcanoes, Rano Kau and Rano Raraku.


A day at the beach

Once you’re on the island, make a point of visiting the beach. The most well-known beach is called Anakena, and it’s home to lots of palm trees and beautiful white sand. Ovahe is another smaller beach worth visiting. You can also spend the day scuba-diving, surfing, snorkelling, or cruising around in boats, all along the island’s coast.


A great idea for beer lovers

One of the most original panoramas is to visit the artisanal Rapa Nui brewery, where they make Mahina Beer. Founded in 2008 by Mike Rapu, this brewery crafts the first beer with a designation of origin from Easter Island. The Rapu family has a long history in the elaboration of liquors and beers, and the Mahina Beer is elaborated using the best grains, yeast, and hops. What’s more, it’s presented with the official stamp of the Rapa Nui, differentiating it from all the other beers worldwide. During the visit to the brewery, you get to learn all about la elaboration process behind the craft of this kind of drink.


Rapa Nui music

If you’d like to learn more about the music from Easter Island, a good option available to you is to visit the school belonging to the Toki NGO. This initiative was created in response to the urge felt by Easter Island pianist, Mahani Teave, and by other young people, to have a space in which the island’s artistic talent could be allowed to develop. The School of Music and Arts operates by offering free classes across a range of different disciplines.


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