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Sustainability on Rapa Nui: a way of life

With the threat of climate change the world over, the need for recycling and for finding other ways of committing to a more sustainable way of life is very much upon us. As such, Easter Island is doing its part to press forward with various initiatives that are designed to reduce waste. In today’s blog, learn about these projects and what we do to support them at Hotel Hangaroa.



The changes to our planet’s climate, brought about by the emission of contaminating gases, are advancing more quickly by the day. Natural disasters, changes in temperatures, and extreme rains are now a threat to many places all over the world. Between 1880 and 2015, the global temperature has increased by 1 degree Celsius.

With changes as critical as these, it’s becoming more and more necessary to do something to prevent the planet’s temperature from further possible increases. So, what are the most effective ways of participating in these prevention tactics and how are they being addressed on Easter Island? Allow us to explain…


Recycling: the primary initiative

Separating our waste products for recycling and ensuring that they aren’t taken to the dump site is the most effective way of combating the increasing problems related to climate change worldwide. Throughout 2018, Easter Island recycled more than 35 tons of plastic bottles. The initiative began in 2017 and was set into action by the municipal authorities, charged with educating the community and with the task of sending all recycled materials to the mainland, a task that they continue to realize to this very day. Compared to all other beaches throughout Chile, the beaches on Easter Island are now an example of excellence in terms of waste management and rubbish collection.


Compost: an alternative for organic waste

One of the most advanced composting projects in Chile takes place on Easter Island. The system is based on the use of organic waste (including discarded food) to reduce the effects of greenhouse gases and increase the natural richness of the island’s soils via the organic process of waste fermentation. A few years ago, Rapa Nui launched with a composting project for individual homes, but there are plans to construct a compost plant on the island that will process around to tons of organic material on a daily basis.


What do we do at Hotel Hangaroa?

The design of our hotel is focused on sustainability. Our green rooves regulate the temperature, reducing waste or excess energy generated from the heating and air-conditioning systems. We also recycle the water from our wastewater treatment plant to water our gardens. We believe that the responsibility of taking care of the planet begins at home, which is why our philosophy is centered on the employment of sustainable practices.


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