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In the waters of Rapa Nui

From walks along the beach, to diving and boat trips, there are multiple water-related panoramas to choose from on Easter Island. Today, our blog invites you to discover what you can do to enjoy this island, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and its Polynesian waters.


To begin with, Anakena Beach isn’t the only place worth visiting if you want to be in contact with the waters of Rapa Nui. There are a variety of sports and aquatic activities to enjoy on this Polynesian island.

Keep reading to discover some of the activities on offer.


Boat trip and snorkelling

This boat trip takes you to the islets that are located close to the Rano Kau Volcano. It was here that the Bird Man Competition, also known as Tangata Manu, took place. This is an interesting tour because, on top of the view, guests are invited to delve a little deeper into the cultural history of the Rapa Nui. What’s more, this tour gives you the chance to enjoy the water and to snorkel, particularly because of the incredible underwater visibility.



Boat trip around the island.



The structure of this activity varies, depending on whether you have a diving license or not. If you don’t have a license, you can sign up to an initiation dive that descends to a maximum of 12 meters deep. If you do hold a diving license, however, you’ll be able to dive among the moais and along the cliffs, as long as weather and climate conditions permit.


An Afternoon at Anakena

This paradisical beach is Easter Island’s principal beach. More than just a place to relax, this historical location is considered the cultural crib of the Rapa Nui.

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