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From Rapa Nui to the world

Training tourist guides to be the image of Easter Island is the goal of the school guide of Mahinatur and Hotel Hangaroa.  The course, which lasts three months, brings together young people from the island who seek to prepare to transmit and preserve Rapa Nui culture.


The idea

Archeology, conservation and agriculture are only a few of the courses that are currently taught in the school guide of Mahinatur and Hotel Hangaroa. Both companies have come together under the idea of leveling the knowledge of local guides of Easter Island, understanding that they are responsible for the image that is delivered from this place to tourists from around the world.

“A guide needs a solid base of knowledge, they need to study constantly. Well   informed tourists arrive to the island, so guides must be up to the task “, explains Omar Monare, head of excursions of Mahinatur.  Therefore, the course is geared to work with diverse knowledge along with first aid and soft skills.


The objective

The main objective of both companies, Mahinatur and Hotel Hangaroa is to train versatile guides that can generate a development path for tourism in Rapa Nui. In addition, the school seeks to generate instances of education through tourism. “This project is created under a philosophy that emphasizes on integrity, responsibility and discipline, strongly focused on innovation and constant learning of our professionals”, says Esteban Manureva, head of excursions of Mahinatur.

The inaugural course was held in 2018 for ten weeks.  Consequently, the guides from the school of Mahinatur and Hotel Hangaroa keep in constant training. “These are instances according to each guides passion,” explains Esteban. The first excursions of these guides were launched in September, 2018 and incorporate new trails and more cultural content.


A destination at the end of the world

The distance from Easter Island to the mainland generates a special condition: most of the tourists who arrive come to the island once in their lives. “We try to transmit this to the youngsters at the school. The experience of our visitors should be the best as possible, because for many it is a dream of lifetime that they will not repeat” concludes Omar Monare.