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We will take a walk to the best location on Easter Island for photographs: Ahu Tongariki, one of the island’s most emblematic Polynesian constructions and where 15 moai make up one of the island’s most iconic views.

After that, we will wander along Anakena Beach and discover the exact points at wich Polynesian culture first arrived to the island and, where legend has it, King Hotu Matu’a first stepped onto the shores of Rapa Nui. Places we will visit: Anakena, Te Pito Kura, Hanga Ho’onu, Taharoa, Ahu Tongariki.


Duration: 3 hours.

Difficulty: Easy.

Total time in the van: 35 minutes.

Distance of hiking on route: 0,9 miles.

Geographical position: Northeast coast of Rapa Nui

Season: all year round.

Places to visit: Hanga Rau, Te Pito Kura, Tongariki.

* Availability according to daily schedule of tours.