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Join us to visit the main arrival point of the Polynesian Culture, called Hanga Rau, which the Royal tribe Miru occupied in ancient times, then we will visit Te pito kura, from where we hike along the beautiful scenery of the north east coast of Rapa Nui, passing through Hanga Ho’onu, place where the first Western navigators contacted the Rapa Nui culture. Then we will visit Tongariki, showing the peak of architectonical construction in the Polynesian world.

Duration: 3 hours.

Difficulty: Easy.

Total time in the van: 35 minutes.

Distance of hiking on route: 0,9 miles.

Geographical position: Northeast coast of Rapa Nui

Season: all year round.

Places to visit: Hanga Rau, Te Pito Kura, Tongariki.

* Availability according to daily schedule of tours.