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We will explore one of Rapa Nui’s founding settlements, known as Ahu Te Peu. It’s a place of great archaeological importance, mainly because the relics that were found here have remained intact.

Then we will move on to discover the highly unique platform, called Ahu Akivi. The unique natrure of this platform is owed to the fact that the moai placed upon it are the only ones on the island that look out across the sea. All the others have their backs turned to the ocean.


Duration: 3 hours.

Difficulty: Medium.

Total time in the van: 35 minutes.

Distance of hiking on route: 3,2 miles.

Geographical position: Central zone of Rapa Nui.

Season: all year round.

Places to visit: Ahu Akivi, Roiho, Ahu Te Peu.

* Availability according to daily schedule of tours.