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We will visit Rano Raraku, one of the most important volcanic craters on the island, home to a number of moais of great dimensions, including the island’s largest statue, measuring 21 meters high.

This excursion is all about exploring the natural and archaeological environment of the Rano Raraku Volcano, the most important crater that houses moais. We will learn about the ways in wich these statues were sculpted and crafted, as well as some of the theories relating to their mysterious transportation.


Duration: 3,5 hours.

Difficulty: Medium.

Total time in the van: 40 minutes.

Distance of hiking on route: 3,4 miles.

Geographical position: Southeast of volcano Rano Raraku.

Season: All year round.

Places to visit: Rano Raraku, Ara Moai, Hanga Tetenga.

* Availability according to daily schedule of tours.