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Our Philosophy

Visiting our hotels is much more than traveling. They are destinations, places that inspire unique, refreshing experiences that simply enrich our lives and do not leave us indifferent. The more we discover, the more we want to continue learning.

We can see cultures that show us their ancient traditions. We can live experiences that are good for our souls, body and mind.

We always seek innovation to deliver the best possible service.

We have a challenge: that your journey does not end at the end of your stay, so you go back home with the feeling of having obtained a gift for life.

What Differentiates Us


Experiences around the traditions of the place. We seek that knowing the culture is a motive for choosing us.


Live experiences that take advantage of the environment and the privileged nature of the place.

A Unique

It is unique, both for the environment, its designs, materials and history. Its identity is a magical appeal.


We want you to have the feeling that you gifted something to your life, our people make the difference.

Experts on
Well Being

Our destinations, guides, excursions, and SPA, allow refreshing experiences for body, mind and soul.

Commitment to

Experiences that support the social development of the destination, care for the environment and leave a legacy.

How to get there

Easter Island is located 2,300 miles from Chile. Our hotel has a prime location. It is located in the village of Hangaroa, overlooking the best sunsets on the island and only 5 minutes from the airport.


  • Hangaroa, Rapa Nui
  • Hotel Hangaroa, Rapa Nui, Chile
  • From abroad: (+56 ) 2 2957 0141